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7 Ways to Cozy Up Your Fall Fireplace + Accessories

Date:2020-05-05 Share to

It’s hard to imagine anything cozier on a chilly fall day than being all curled up right next to a fireplace. So Hygge, right? Even though it is probably not quite cold enough to light a fire or even hide under a blanket, it’s not at all too early to start designing your living space around the fireplace in anticipation.

7 Ways to Cozy Up Your Fall Fireplace + Accessories

Here are 7 things you can do right now to enjoy a cozy fall fireplace:

1. Pull comfortable chairs in a little closer to the fireplace to create a cozy focal point.

2. Add a rug for softness (not so close to be a fire hazard, of course! Safety first).

3. Set up a basket for books and a comfortable footstool nearby so you can put your feet up!

4. Make sure you have your fireplace tools ready (or invest in new tools like this log holder and fireplace tool set)

5. Even if you don’t use your fireplace to burn fires, you can still decorate it with logs or candles for ambience. I got these pretty birch logs for mine, and I think this fireplace candleholder is so cool!

6. Order a log carrier for convenience and character. I think this leather log carrier would be so cute next to the fireplace.

7. Decorate your mantel for fall! Branches, pumpkins, framed art, candles, whatever inspires you! What will go on your mantel this year?