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Epoxy Grout & Tiling System

Date:2020-05-05 Share to

PD Epoxy Grout and Tiling System is suitable for commercial and residential area such as kitchen, bathroom, and balcony, which enables following features:

  1. Exceptional stain resistance and anti-corrosion
  2. Strong anti-abrasion and thermal change resistance
  3. Long sustainability of even and stable color effect
  4. 3 optional color series, which meets different home renovation design requirement with flexible collection of various tiles types and styles


Structure(Click to enlarge)

System Advantages
♦Various selective colors, long-lasting shine ♦Thermal resistance, rigid and anti-abrasion
♦Excellent stain resistance, long-lasting ♦Strong bonding strength, suitable for different kinds of application condition
♦Eco-friendly material, safe, non-toxic, FDA certified


Featured Products


Layers Floor
Grout Superior Stain Resistant Epoxy Grout
Adhesive Universal Setting T2T Tile Adhesive
Waterproof Hydro epoxy Damp Proof Membrane, WPM 256, High Flexible Waterproof Membrane
Thermal insulation Option
Substrate A 50, B 55 , P 20, E 30