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ARDEX PD is a well-known series of Ardex group Germany. PD, Premium Decoration, provides the whole system solution based on the technology supported by headquarter R&D and centralized quality control standard. The systems are including damp/waterproof, adhesive, grout, surface design and impact sound reduction acoustic solutions, etc. With integrated German standard application requirements, we provide you the advanced service with high quality.

In 1949,as a global multinational company ARDEX was founded in Germany. For over 60 years,ARDEX has been the technology leader for the entire mortar industry. ARDEX Group has 47 group companies in the world ,covering more than 50 countries.


Innovation Technology

Innovation DNA:

    It’s always ARDEX tradition to breakthrough and innovation

  • ARDEX is the inventor of Cement-based Self-leveling.
  • Innovative products contribute over 25% of annual s ales.
  • In 2005, awarded Top 100 Innovative Comp any i n Germany.(Zoom in)

Core Technology:

    Local research and technology combined with global knowledge

  • 1953, invented self-leveling cement, which created a new era of flooring material .
  • 1975, invented “ARDURAPID”, unique in the world.
  • 2006, invented MICROTEC, unique in the world.
  • 2015, ULTRA-SHIELD was introduced in China.

Integrity Technology:

    To be one of the world’s leading solution providers of high-performance speciality building material s

  • Whole system solutions.
  • Faster, better and more environmental friendly.
  • Lots of top references around the world.



ARDEX "ARDURAPID" technology breakthroughs in traditional chemical building materials technology bottlenecks, so that the cement hydration process is no longer a long wait, which was replaced by "lock" mixed water, hydration became more complete.


ARDEX professional grass-roots water vapour treatment "ULTRA-SHIELD" technology is the unique technical recipe. The series are divided into different grades, with different moisture defend and harmful gas prevent function.


ARDEX "MICROTEC" technology significantly enhances the cohesion of the ceramic tile adhesive, so even with the easy adhesion between the tiles are equipped with strong cohesive force.