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PD-Hydrepoxy Damp Proof Membrane

ARDEX PD-Hydrepoxy Damp Proof Membrane is a water-based epoxy polyamide damp proof membrane. It will prevent rising damp efflorescence and will resist negative hydrostatic pressure .It has excellent adhesion to most substrate and is simple

PD-Hydrepoxy Damp Proof Membrane

Product description/ Product Description

As a negative hydrostatic pressure resistant damp proof membrane on the negative side of below grade surface such as basement, car parks
As a waterproof membrane over freshly laid hardened concrete to prevent water seepage or dampness penetration through to the interior of walls and floors
Conforms to the requirements of: Australian standard 4020 and British Standard 6920 for use in contact with potable water
All surfaces to be treated must be structurally sound, clean and free of dirt, grease or other surface contaminants. Holes/non-structural cracks should be filled. The surface should also be strong enough.
Wet the very dry substrate with mist spray.
Each component should be individually mixed to form a homogenous component.
Then thoroughly mix the two components in the ratio of 1:1 by volume until a homogeneous blend is obtained.
A:B=1:1(by volume)
On floors, spread the material using a brush or middle nap roller to achieve coverage;
On walls, apply the product by brush/roller;
A minimum of two coats is recommended and care should be taken to ensure uniformity of material and the required coverage is maintained, apply the second coat in cross direction. The coverage rate should be 1.5 square meters per liter, per coat.
The material could be diluted by water only for the first coat; the water amount is about 5%-20% of total material.
In the event that this coverage rate is not achieved in two coats, further coats should be applied.
Care must be taken to work the material into the surface to fill voids and avoid pin holing.
Allow to cure for 24 hours before applying adhesives, mortars, levelling compounds, decorative coatings or other surface treatments.
1.5m2/L, 20L set can cover approximately 30m2.
Apply whilst surface temperature is between 10-35°C. Do not apply in situations where relative humidity is >85%.
In enclosed areas, ventilation must be provided during the curing cycle to enable adequate evaporation of water
Care should be taken when sandwiching adhesives between the DAMP-PROOF WATERPROOFING and floor coverings to allow the water to escape.
PD-Hydrepoxy Damp Proof Membrane is not classified as a trafficable membrane.
Wash all equipment in water immediately after use.
24 months (original sealed) in dry, clean, shady and cool place without ventilation.
Avoid breathing in powder.
Avoid contact of skin and eye.
Wear appropriate protection gear such as face mask, gloves, and safety glasses.
If the product enters the eyes, wash with clean water and seek medical advice.
Keep out of reach of children.
The data below is taken in laboratory at 23℃ and 50% humidity

Item Value
Color Grey
Finish Semis-gloss going to matt with ageing
solid content 44%
Pot life 2 hours
Recoat time 2-4 hours
Full cure 7 days

Construction video/ Construction Video

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