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PD-Universal Setting T2T Tile Adhesive

ARDEX PD - Universal Setting T2T Tile Adhesive has excellent adhesion slip resistance which consisted by special cement selective aggregate super polymer and special additives. It’s suitable for almost all substrates and will not contri

PD-Universal Setting T2T Tile Adhesive

Product description/ Product Description

Ideal for walls and floors at interior and exterior area
Ideal for use in dry/wet areas such as washing room, swimming pool etc.
Ideal for use with almost all kinds of tiles
All surfaces including the back of tiles to be treated must be structurally sound, clean and free of dirt, grease or other surface contaminants. Holes/non-structural cracks should be filled. The substrate surface should also be strong enough.
Pour water in the mixing container first, and then add the T2T Tile Adhesive while mixing for with heavy duty drill, then wait for a few minutes and then continuous mixing to give a lump free mortar.
Mixing Ratio  Powder: Water =20kg:4.5L
Apply the mortar to the substrate as ribbed and comb through with a notch trowel, and apply the mortar to the back side of the tiles, then press firmly into the freshly combed mortar bed.
Each application area should not be over 10m2 and finish tiling within 10 minutes.
Allow to cure for 24 hours before applying grout or other surface treatments
The product is intended for use at material and surface temperature 5-35℃
Never mix with cement or additives other than ARDEX approved products
12 months(original sealed), in dry, clean, shady and cool place without ventilation.
The data below is taken in laboratory at 23 and 50% humidity:

Item Value
Tensile adhesion strength >1MPa
Water immersion >1MPa
Heating >1MPa
Freeze-thaw >1MPa
Slip resistance ≤ 0.2mm

Avoid breathing in powder.
Avoid contact of skin and eye.
Wear appropriate protection gear such as face mask, gloves, and safety glasses.
If the product enters the eyes, wash with clean water and seek medical advice.
Keep out of reach of children.

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