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PD-Impact Sound Reduction Decoupling Mat

ARDEX PD - Impact Sound Reduction Decoupling Mat is a permanently elastic material with mineral fillers an PU – binders with back fleece and sanded surface.

PD-Impact Sound Reduction Decoupling Mat

Product description/ Product Description


Internal floor:For renovation and new construction, domestic and commercial areas with loads up to 2 KN/m²;

Decoupling and sound reduction system for the installation of tiles, slabs, natural stone and concrete pavers onto substrates as:

- concrete

- sand cement screed

- Mangesite screeds

- Masitcasphalt screeds

- Heated screeds

- Dry screed systems

- Woodenfloors and wooden particle board

- old tiles and slabs

- old PVC and Parquet flooring


The substrate has to be dry, but must be firm loadbearing sound free from dust and release agents and rigid. Uneven surface have to be primed and levelled with ARDEX Primer and Leveling compound. The Impact Sound Reduction Decoupling Mat is crack bridging up to 1 mm.


To avoid transmission of sound to adjacent walls please install sound strips along the walls. Lay the PD - Impact Sound Reduction Decoupling Mat mats and cut. The mats can be easily cut with a carpet knife from the reverse side. Apply PD tile adhesive with a 3 mm notch trowel if the surface is rough use a 4 mm notch trowel and lay the PD Mat within the open time of the adhesive 10- 15 mm with fleece side into the fresh mortar bed. Press the mat in with a trowel or float. Make sure the mats are fixed joint less to each other. Should adhesive come through the joints please take up the mat and clean it and repeat installation. Fix the mats always half bracing to avoid cross joints.

On absorbent substrate subsequent installation of tiles and slabs can be done immediately after installation of the PD Mat. In case of non-absorbent substrates after 2 hours. Prior to the installation please check the PD Mat and close joints with tape like Tesa or Nopi. The joints can also be filled with PD waterproofing.

For the installation of the coverings the PD- T2T Tile Adhesive should be used. For the installation of moisture sensitive natural stones also ARDEX S16 can be used. Pleas ensure a solid bedding. The coverings to be installed should have a minimum size of 15x15 cm and a minimum breaking strength of 1500 N. Stoneware tiles should be at least 8 mm thick and natural stone should be at least 15 mm thick.

For the installation onto existing PVC and Parquet flooring please use ARDEX Premium Adhesive which should be applied with a lamb’s wool roller. After a flash of time of 30 min the PD Mat can be installed and pressed. After this the coverings can be installed as mentioned above.

For grouting please use any flexible grout out of the ARDEX range. In doubt apply trial areas.


Mat Sizw:750X500X4.5mm


PD - Impact Sound Reduction Decoupling Mat can be stored for approx. 36 month in dry rooms.


Apply PD - Impact Sound Reduction Decoupling Mat at temperatures above + 5°C.

Construction and movement joints in the substrates have to be brought up.

Do not use The PD Mat in the exterior and permanently wet areas.


Item Value
Weight about 5.1kg/m2
Color Green
Impact sound reduction DIN EN ISO 140-8:14dB
Firerating B2 only mate ; B1 with Tile
Thermal transfer resistance 0.0036 m²K/W
Thermal conductivity 0.11 W
Vapor transmission rate 450μ
Resistant to chair castors Yes
Suited for floorheating Yes

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