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PD-Superior Stain Resistant Epoxy Grout

ARDEX PD-Superior Stain Resistant Epoxy Grout is a special designed solvent free epoxy grout. It has a high performance superior stain resistance and is able to resist most household chemicals especially suitable for areas subjected to a h

PD-Superior Stain Resistant Epoxy Grout

Product description/ Product Description

Ideal for walls and floors at interior and exterior area
Ideal for residential, commercial and normal industrial areas where strict hygiene standards are required
Ideal for using on mosaic, ceramic, stone tiles, etc.
All spaces must be removed from joints. Ensure joints are clean and free from excess adhesive. Do not grout until the tiling has set firmly.
Transfer the measured amount of PART A to a suitable sized mixing container and add PART B. Mix the two components using a low speed mechanical stirrer for about 1 minute, then add PART C in incremental amounts, continue stirring until a non-slump consistency with uniform color is obtained.
Fantastic Dream A:B:C=1:2:5.4
Forever Bright A:B:C=1:2:7
TranslucentCrystal A:B:C=1:2:7

GOUTING: Apply the mixed grout using a suitable grubber backed squeegee/float. Compact the grout firmly into the joints ensuring they are completely filled, minimizing the amount left on the tile surface.
CLEANING: First cleaning should be completed within 15-45 minutes (23℃) after application. Using a wetted sponge, loosen the excess grout on the tile surface gently in a circular motion. After waiting about 1-5 hours, smoothing grout surface using a clean dense sponge. Frequent rinsing of sponge reduces clogging and prolongs its life.
It is important to clean all grout from the tile surface before the grout hardens.
PD Epoxy Grout can accept foot traffic after approx. 24 hours at 23℃ . The full cure time is 7 days for full stain and chemical resistance at23℃.
You could estimate the consumption by the following formula.

You could find some most common examples as below. We recommend considering at least 10% more consumption as the wastage due to application issues and tile surfaces.

Joint Width(mm) Tile Dimension (mm) Consumption kg/m2)
3 200X100X6 0.46
2 150X150X5 0.25
2 100X100X5 0.35
2 50X50X5 0.68
5 50X50X5 1.70

The product is intended for use at material and surface temperature 10-30℃.Low temperatures will retad curing and high temperatures will dramatically shorten the pot life.
Do not change the mixing ratio or add other additives when mixing
Keep grout protected and free from dirt, dust, stains, etc. during its curing period
Wash all the tools immediately after use
When using at outdoor, the ultraviolet ray may have some impacts on color
Fantastic Dream 2.1kg/bucket
Forever Bright 2.5kg/bucket
Translucent Crystal 2.5kg/bucket
24 months (original sealed) in dry, clean, shady and cool place without ventilation.
The data below is taken in laboratory at 23℃ and 50% humidity

Item Value
Color Variety
Pot life 30-45 minutes
Walkability 24 hours
Heavy trafficable 48 hours
Resistance to stain/chemical 7 days
Full cure 10 days
Compressive strength ≥30 MPa
Flexural strength ≥45 MPa
Abrasion resistance ≤250mm3
Classification JC/T 1004-2006 RG1

Avoid contact of skin and eye.
Wear appropriate protection gear such as face mask, gloves, and safety glasses.
If the product enters the eyes, wash with clean water and seek medical advice.
Keep out of reach of children.

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